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I Launched a New Twitter Version of My Find the Game App

Marketing | Friday, October 18th, 2013

I just launched a simple Twitter version of my iOS app, Find the Game, which provides some of the same value through a Twitter conversation.

I built this app because I frequently make long, weekend road trips and struggle to find sporting events on the radio throughout the journey. Find the Game finds nearby radio stations affiliate with every team in the four major professional sports—NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL—as well as NASCAR. The app is a universal iOS app, but is not available on the other mobile platforms. Building a native app for a new platform would be a large undertaking, I realized that part of the experience could be delivered through Twitter in the meantime.

Find the Game: Stations Nearby
Find the Game: List of Nearest Stations

I launched an update to the iOS app yesterday with three major updates:

  1. Add all NHL teams and their affiliate radio stations
  2. Added a new feature that lists the radio stations, sorted by distance*
  3. Added a locator button that centers the user’s location in the map view*

The last two features are location dependent, and therefor are only available if you have allowed the app to access your location. I think the list view is a really nice addition. While building that feature, I realized that I should find new ways to leverage the massive amount of data that I have already compiled, along with the core algorithms that drive the app. This was a short week for me between the absurdly observed holiday, visiting family and some personal appointments. But I decided to leverage the little pockets of time to port my data and algorithms to a javascript application that integrates with the Twitter API. Meet @findthegamefor.

If you are on Android or the web, or on iOS but haven’t bought the app, you can send a tweet with location enabled with this format:


#help @findthegamefor @ProTeamAccount

The app will respond instantaneously with the three closest stations affiliated with your team. I’m hoping that it’s human readable and memorable enough to be really simple to use.

Oh, and I used Twitter’s new cards for the first time. If you look at the conversation on an iOS device, Twitter includes the name, description and icon from the app store, and allows you to install right from the tweet! Hopefully this new application allows a lot more people to leverage all the hard work I put into the iOS only app. And if so inclined, I may get new purchases from people who may not have known about my app in the first place. I think it’s the best of both worlds: A truly useful service now available to more people AND a new marketing channel for the app itself. Hopefully next week I’ll find a little time to write up more about how I built and deployed the application.

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