Hi, I'm Mitch.

I'm the Digital Marketing Manager at Shinola and Filson, utilizing SEO, paid search, email marketing and display to drive ecommerce revenue.

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I Launched a New Twitter Version of My Find the Game App

I just launched a simple Twitter version of my iOS app, Find the Game, which provides some of the same value through a Twitter conversation. I built this app because I frequently make long, weekend road trips and struggle to find sporting events on the radio throughout the journey. Find the Game finds nearby radio […]

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My App Costs $2. Buy it. Or Don’t.

There has been a lot of talk recently about app pricing, business models and even the viability of the market. I have developed one iOS app, but I am not trying to make a living as an independent app developer. This is an experiment and learning opportunity. At some point prior to launching my app, […]

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Apparently RSS is Not Dead

Google says RSS is dead. My friend Graham insists that it is not. He’s fairly intelligent, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, even though he’s not worth $250 billion. At his behest, I’ve enabled RSS for the site. Here are some musings: Google Reader is Dead. Long Live Feedburner. In a much […]

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Passively Marketing an iOS App

On May 1, I launched Find the Game, my first iOS app. Other than crafting App Store metadata for search—which is required for submission, I have not really done too much marketing. What little I have done has been ineffective. My new goal is 10 downloads a day, everyday, for a month. Even at it’s […]

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My Products

I've launched one product and will be launching a second soon. The first, Find the Game, is an iOS app to help you find radio stations carrying your favorite sports broadcasts on the go.

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The second, Your Agency, is a web app and platform to help freelancers manage their businesses and clients. Oh, and it guarantees that you get paid for your work.

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